Fidget Review’s

The urge to fidget, the consistent need to move in some way shape or form, is a common problem faced by many of us on the autism spectrum. And while pencil tapping or pen clicking can suffice occasionally, these actions can also create noise or other distractions to those around us. And so a large number of utilities, commonly known as fidget toys or stim toys, have become available. Some of these fidgets can be more effective than others, and so I’ve decided to get a hold of what I can and provide a review of them. This way people can know what one’s work well, and what ones may be a bit of a financial waste. Of course different people have different requirements, different motions they make to fidget, and so these reviews may not be exactly tailored for each person. But I will endeavor to cover as much as I can. Click on the pictures below to be brought to the review for the product.