Truth of Autism

Hello everyone, and welcome to Truth Of Autism. This is a place to discuss, share and learn about what life on the Autism Spectrum, or life with someone on the Spectrum is really like. In essence this site is a place to discover the Truth of Autism.

I guess the first question that you may be asking is what is autism. Maybe you’ve only heard about it vaguely in a class and never actually looked to see what you could find on the subject. Or maybe you’ve seen some news story that makes reference to it. Or maybe you just found out that someone you know is on the spectrum. No matter the reason your looking for information you came to a place unlike many other’s. Here we look at the Autism Spectrum through the lens of humanity, we see how it impacts people personally. Because here’s the thing, autism is a spectrum and that means its different for just about everyone on it. Everyone has their own story of how it impacted them. To those of us on the spectrum, being autistic is the norm.

I’d love if you would explore the site. The bar to the left contains post’s from me, blog entries that are more about the site itself and its growth along with a thing or two about myself. The bar to the right is the site map, containing the bulk of the site, pages that I will work to keep relevant and useful, and that are the original purpose of this site.

So once again I welcome you to Truth of Autism, I hope you enjoy your visit. Explore the site, check out the posts, and learn and share.  Together we can spread the truth.